Mold Breather

Gas venting ejector pin
made in Japan

mold breather

The problem of trapped gases causing product quality defects and corrosion of the tool steel is a known issue, but the big dilemma is how to solve it without increasing additional cycle time and costs? With the positive feedback of more than 2500 customers over many years of experience, Matsui is ready to make its made-in-Japan knowledge available for the European market.
In fact, we developed and perfectioned the unique solution of the Mold Breather, a special ejector pin with 0.02mm slits equipped with or without our vacuum pump and able to increase mold ventilation by as much as 80%. Our partners have developed and perfected the unique solution of the Mold Breather, a special ejector pin with 0.02 mm slots that increases mold ventilation by up to 80%. For the best effect, combine it with our vacuum pump.

mold breather small size
slits light close-up

Easy to maintain and

This item allows to shoot 5000 to 10000 shots without needing to clean the slits. Cleaning is possible by applying a special spray without removing the ejector from the mold. The clamping force is reduced, thus it can save power and avoid material waste by reducing quality defects by 50%. Moreover, the amount of micro-stops diminishes, thanks to the reduction in molding and cooling times.
The mold breather can easily adapt to any material: depending on the resin fluidity, in fact, it´s possible to use a breather with width between 0,005 and 0,05 mm.

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