Water free air-cooled solution
with low impact on environment


The new pelletizer developed by our solution partner MSK is the optimal item to avoid uneven production because of regrind granules, which sometimes might be too dusty and thus prone to alter viscosity when injecting. Turn your regrind granules into virgin-like pellets.
With its contained dimensions that can fit in less than one square meter, the pelletizer is an easy-to-use solution that conjugate optimal quality of the product and low environmental and cost impacts.

Different types for different needs

In order to fulfill the most various requests with the best performance, the re-pelletizer offers different configurations that will be able to properly treat different kinds of materials without affecting final quality.

rep type E

The extended model presents adjustable cooling and cutting devices, to better treat materials requiring a long curing time.

rep type D

The direct model presents fixed cooling and cutting devices, for the better treatment of materials that require a short curing time.

What makes the pelletizer unique?

rep touch

The touch-screen control panel is intuitive to use: it´s easy to manage the temperature, speed of extrusion, rollers, and cutters.

rep air

Process is conducted at below material-melting temperatures to preserve the materials´ properties and ensure high quality precision in molded parts.

rep material

Output from 10 to 20 kg/h depending on material, homogenous in size: 1–3 mm ø and 1.5–5 mm length.
Depending on the material the ROI can be as short as 10 months.

rep hopper

The double-headed configuration of the pelletizer offers two separate hoppers that allow the production of two different types of resin at the same time.

Check out the pelletizer´s potential!

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