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Mj5-i Lose the moisture. Save your energy

MJ3 - Drop moisture levels faster. Start molding sooner.

DMZ2 - Stand alone desiccant drying. Start molding sooner.

MGD - Portable hot-air dryer/loader. Economical drying. Saves energy.

PMD - Small batch, thermal conduction, compressed air dryer.

DPD3.1 - Incredibly fast and portable thermal-conduction vacuum dryer.


SMGL3 - New portable low speed grinder produces uniform size with minimal dust

MGL2 - Portable low speed dustless grinder with advanced “wide open” cleanout

Mold Temp

MC5 - Portable water unit heats faster so you start molding sooner


JL4 - Vacuum hopper/loading system. Service up to 6 machines.


JCW2-i - Intelligent mixing, automatic flow optimization & resin-demand forecasting

JCD3 - Volumetric blender accurately mixes virgin, regrind, color concentrate and additives

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