Matsui is an innovative, forward-thinking R&D and supplier of industrial drying and pneumatic conveying equipment.

Investment is integral to everything we do because we believe the world is interdependent and the future is working together to develop rapport to make anything possible.

  • By investing in communities where our company and team members live and work, we strive to maintain and develop opportunities and individuals who create and foster an environment to work together to create a better future.
  • By investing in R&D, our clients enjoy the best products and services before, during and after the machine's lifecycle so they can enhance their competitive edge through maximizing productivity and minimizing waste, energy and cost.
  • By investing in industries where our products and services could serve, we're developing relationships with competitors and potential customers because establishing a rapport is at the core of everything we do.

Matsui Innovation & Investment History

Apprenticed at age 10, started his own business at 20

Miichiro Matsui founded Matsui MFG. , a medical and science equipment manufacturer, when he was 20 years old.


Matsui moved out of the medical and science equipment field into the plastics industry when it perfected the first dryer for paper. By using temperature-regulating techniques it developed during its medical equipment days, Matsui was able to significantly decrease the amount of time it took to dry paper.

Matsui embraced a new “dream material” called plastic by creating a temperature adjustable plastic dryer that was 10 times more accurate and far superior to any other equipment available. The Matsui plastics dryer lead to a higher overall quality of a finished plastic products, and helped to shape the plastic industry we know today.


After helping to revolutionize the plastics industry, Matsui leveraged its expertise and innovative product development to expand into the paper, food and pharmaceutical industries. Plastic organizations relied on the "Sanitary Dense Phase Feeder", which Matsui retooled and re-engineered as a hygienic product for the pharmaceutical and food sectors.


Thanks to its relentless drive to help its customers increase efficiency and effectiveness while maintaining affordability, Matsui revolutionized the drying industry again with its DMZ Honeycomb Format Dehumidifying Drier. Matsui’s customers’ response was extremely positive, and positioned the company into the market leader.

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Matsui opened its first U.S. office in the Chicago-area (Elk Grove Village, IL).

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Matsui conceives the “iPlas” lineup series of products, and the first to be built by global standards, which created great value for our customers and their needs.


Hironobu Matsui, a third generation Matsui, became the company president.


Matsui used world-class, universal standards to create new products that were responsively designed while remaining highly functional at a competitive rate. Combining the word “plastic” and “aid,” Matsui launched a new brand of “Plas-aid” products, including a dehumidifier/dryer, a temperature regulating device for metal mold casting and a slow-speed grinder.

Matsui unveils the portable MJ3 Dehumidifying Dryer / Loader, which becomes the poster child for the “Plas-aid” global standard.


Matsui promotes a "Factor 4" campaign that will be in plastic molding factories around the world by 2020. The Factor 4 concept says that by reducing waste and increasing resource productivity by a factor of 4, society will double our wealth while halving resource-consumption. This will help the world balance sustainability and increase environmental protection.

The MJ5-i dryer becomes the new flagship dryer, and the first in the industry to offer an automated, self-regulating function to reduce energy use by as much as 75%, over previous models.

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